Letters to the Editor

An idea to improve U.S. 280

I travel over Double Oak Mountain almost every day. What ceases to amaze me is why the Alabama Department of Transportation does not do something ... Read more

Thanks to a helpful civilian

We want to thank a very special person in Columbiana for being a hero and helping to get an escaped inmate back behind bars where ... Read more

Another way to handle feral cats

I am not a zoologist, but according to Bob Mount of Auburn, I am a felinophile. I am at the same time an ornithophile, in ... Read more | 1 comment

A counterpoint to previous letter

In a recent opinion letter published in the Shelby County Reporter, the writer reached a conclusion about the proposed Pelham city schools based on incorrect ... Read more

Remembering a man who changed lives

My name is Kyle Galutza and I attended Columbiana Middle School (Class of 2004) and Shelby County High School (Class of 2008). During my time ... Read more

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