Down The Hall

Early achievers upstaging older counterparts

One of the unchanged beauties within this county over the course of my life as a driver has been the open road of an early ... Read more

Teaching our children about empathy

I believe that one of the most important character traits that can be instilled in children is the ability to have empathy for others. Read more

Is spelling necessary? Teacher questions

It’s a question I’d expect to hear from a student, but it’s one I found myself asking this year when time for the annual spelling ... Read more

Local group fights for animal rights

Fighting for animal rights is the goal of the new Alabaster-based political action committee, Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation. Read more

Only compassion can end bullying

Taylor was sweet, sensitive, smart, mostly quiet, but to those who knew him best, he possessed a uniquely wonderful sense of humor. Read more

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