Religion, politics do not mix ever

Dear Editor, When I realized that Christians were making a move to take over our politics in Alabama, I picked up my Bible and my history book to determine what I believe, and I have fought this movement in every way possible. In my studies, I found that religion bound together with politics has brought tyranny, war, hate and prejudice. The war we are in today is no exception.

Our forefathers, no doubt, suffered tyranny at the hands of the church, and they knew that America could not be free unless they separated the church from the state. America is free today because this law was written in the Constitution.

Ever since the Christian Coalition took over the Republican Party, I have been forced to enter the First Baptist Church in Columbiana in order to cast my vote. I have felt that these people are watching and intimidating voters.

So for whatever reason our ballots have been placed in churches, I suggest they be removed and placed in government buildings before the next election, or we may find the ballot boxes in Shelby County locked up and uncounted, since the Republicans in Shelby County refuse to obey the law of the land