Schools welcome teachers, students

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement in your recent editorial. Over the years, the Shelby County schools have had a great relationship with the Shelby County Reporter and we hope that we will continue to foster that relationship by providing the type of education system you and the other residents of Shelby County demand from us.

Opening another school year in Shelby County is always a challenge, especially with the continued growth we face. Evan Major and his staff have done a wonderful job in meeting the needs of our students while operating within a balanced budget.

With his leadership we still remain one of the best public school systems in Alabama and at the same time maintain one of the lowest percentages of our budget spent on administrative costs of any system in the state.

This commitment to low administrative costs is a direct result of recognizing our most valuable assets &045; the teachers and local staff in each school &045; and spending money directly on those instructional needs.

In Shelby County, we are blessed with some of the best teachers in Alabama. Teachers dedicated to the highest academic standards and dedicated to providing a positive environment for learning.

We join you in welcoming back all our teachers and we look forward to another successful year in Shelby County