Thank you, Shelby County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Thank you, Shelby County, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.&160;

For the past year, I have traveled across our state, spoken to civic groups and eaten enough hot dogs and barbecue to feed a third world country. I’ve shaken thousands of hands and come really close at times to begging for money and I haven’t stopped yet.&160;

It’s been a year-long job process consisting of thousands of one-on-one interviews with people from 67 counties and all walks of life.&160;

There were 655,189 people statewide who cast votes for me, but the greatest honor of all is that I received 75 percent of your vote. It was humbling and a great honor. Thank you!&160;

You have given me my new job as State Auditor. I will be inaugurated and take office in Montgomery on Monday, Jan. 20, 2003.&160;

The question most frequently asked is, &uot;Will you move to Montgomery?&uot;

My answer, &uot;Absolutely not! Why would I?&uot;&160;

I am honored to live in the best county in this state. We are blessed with the lowest crime rate, one of the best education systems, some of the state’s most beautiful land and the best, most friendly people known anywhere in the world.&160;

Shelby County is my home &045; for now and for a lifetime. It’s where I’ve worked, where I will continue to raise my children, and I can imagine no better life.&160;

As State Auditor, there will be many behind the scenes ways that I will be able to assist our county to receive funding and I will. &160;

It’s time that a governor realizes the importance of our county to this state and I believe Gov.-Elect Bob Riley will indeed. Rest assured that all of your legislative delegation; your county commissioners and your State Auditor will be there to encourage his efforts to contribute to our county in all areas.&160;

Shelby County has long been the driving force behind successful, statewide political candidates, but few have shown any appreciation for it. I promise to be the exception to that rule. Please know that my doors in the State Capitol will always be open to you and I stand willing to help you in any way I can.&160;

I am honored to be a resident of this county and pledge (in addition to fulfilling my duties as your next State Auditor), to look out for the best interests of our community