Child left behind on bus results in suspension

Two Shelby County special needs bus drivers/aides were recently suspended from work for 20 working days following an incident in which a kindergarten student was left on a special needs bus for more than two hours.

Shelby County School Superintendent Evan Major said the incident occurred on Nov. 8 in the afternoon on the after school route.

&uot;The kindergarten child was being transported from his school to daycare, or the extended day program at the Linda Nolen Center there in Alabaster.

And for whatever reason the drive and aide … because it was an unusual occurrence, (the child) didn’t

normally ride the bus on that particular day …

for whatever reason

they did leave him on the bus.&uot;

Major said the child remained on the bus for about two hours, &uot;probably a little bit more than two hours by the time parent got there to pick him up and they found him.&uot;

He said the child was &uot;OK,&uot; that he was a kindergarten student and a special needs student.

Major said both drivers alternate days or time of day driving, and both serve as aides on the special needs bus.

&uot;Its an unusual occurrence. Nothing like that had ever happened with either one of the people. In fact, we’d never

had anything like that in Shelby County.&uot;

The school superintendent called the circumstances a &uot;very unfortunate situation that occurred&uot; and said, &uot;We’re just extremely glad the child is okay.


because of the seriousness of the situation, we did suspend the drivers for 20 working days, and they will be eligible to return to work after the Christmas holidays.&uot;