Every little bit helps

Despite the prospects of another down Christmas with regard to sales and the continued sagging economy, people are still finding ways to help the less fortunate. Just look around you.

Recently the students of Tim Parker’s Wood Tech class at Thompson High School made 80 toys for abused children. Those toys helped fill the gap in donations to provide for abused and neglected children this Christmas.

A little girl featured in this week’s Reporter donated her hair to help children who suffer hair loss and cannot afford prosthetic hair pieces.

The United Way in Shelby County exceeded its goal for 2002 raising $510,694 instead of the hoped-for $500,000.

People are donating toys, furniture and clothes to stores such as Twice As Nice in Montevallo where clothes for men and women can range from as little as $1 to $3 and clothes for children can range from as little as 50 cents to a $1. That not only helps those who cannot afford the high price of new clothing, but the sale of those items also benefits Shelby Emergency Assistance in Montevallo, a United Way Agency which helps those who qualify.

Services provided by the SEA also include food, financial assistance, transportation, limited assistance for medical visits, lab test or prescribed medications and other services though the Education Department.

Clients include people who have lost homes to fire, victims of domestic violence or automobile accidents or who have suffered the loss of a loved one or experienced some other catastrophe through no fault of their own.

The Shelby Baptist Association in Columbiana also accepts donated items and sells clothes for adults and children at extremely low prices. Pat Hughes and Debbie Snyder of the Shelby Baptist Association actually provided direction and advice on the operation of the

Twice As Nice store.

All over the place and especially right here in Shelby County, the spirit of Christmas … that it is better to give than to receive … is evident despite what experts are saying about the nation’s economic woes.

Remember every little bit helps … pennies add up to dollars. You can be a part of the helping this Christmas and changing someone’s life for the better