Council takes no action on recycling license

The Columbiana City Council took no action on an agenda item to approve a business license renewal for Benny Davis of Recycling Unlimited at its Tuesday, Dec. 17 meeting.

The item, &uot;Consideration to the approval of right to renew Business License; Bennie (Benny)

Davis Recycling Unlimited (Requires Council approval in accordance with Ordinance 319),&uot; appeared on the council’s agenda.

However, when Mayor Allan Lowe called for a motion, there was none. So, the result was no action to either approve or disapprove.

Lowe said Hilry King, director of Public Works for the city, has been asked to contact the owner to &uot;let him know our concerns regarding compliance with our business license ordinance and any other applicable ordinance.&uot;

City Clerk Terry Collum said concerns were specific council approval and noncompliance with other city ordinances.

King said the council &uot;just wants the place (Recycling Unlimited) cleaned up.&uot;

&uot;I am working with Davis&uot; to accomplish that goal, he said.

When informed of the inaction by the council, Davis said, &uot;I am doing what I was supposed to by law. The ball is in their court.&uot;

According to Collum, Davis was first licensed in 1979 as Sub-Terra Rentals and Liquidators.

In 1980-81, she said, the name of the business was changed to Scrap Bidders Unlimited.

In 1982, the name was reverted to the original.

She said in 1985, the business name was changed to Recycling Unlimited.

Collum said she took the renewal question before the council because the city ordinance asks for specific council approval.

She said she also knew the council was working to get the business cleaned up, and she wanted to make sure there were no other issues.

Collum said the lack of action by the council doesn’t mean the business license will be denied.

But she is &uot;waiting on word back from the council.&uot;