The STAT Box


The Wildcats trounced the coyotes 24 to 19.

Tyler Madison led the Wildcats with 13 points.

Brannon Jones and Nathan Reddy hustled on defense.

Dakota Falkner and Alex Kourmoulis each scored 6 points for the Coyotes, while Mary Helen Jones and Chase McKoy delivered strong defense.

In Game 2, the Gym Rats rolled over Coach Pate’s team, 23 to 18.

Blake Odgers scored 12 points for the Gym Rats.

Victoria Cox and Meredith Moore hustled on defense.

Tyler Pate and Will Walker scored 7 and 6 points respectively for Coach Pate’s team.

Branndon McGill played great defense.


In overtime, Coach Green’s team slid past the Blazers 38 t0 34.

Ty Lollar scored an amazing 25 points for Coach Green.

Hunter Ray and Latia Pickett supplied strong defense.

Nathan Herrington and Wesley Galutza scored 14 and 8 points respectively for the Blazers while Joshua Gibson hustled on


In Game 2, the Lakers defeated Porter’s Polar Bears 47 to 33.

Keaton Wood Scored 19 points for the Lakers.

John Batton, Cody Garrett and Tyler McGill contributed to the defense.

Colton Richardson led the Polar Bears with 11 points.

Aaron Walker grabbed numerous rebounds with Nathan Carter and Jay Lansford delivering strong defense.


Big Daddy’s defeated Roullier’s Mavricks 34 to 27.

Darion Sutton led Big Daddy’s with 13 points.

Brian Parsons and Hayden Hyatt contributed to the defense.

Chad King was the lead scorer for the Mavricks with 13 points. Tyler Harris and Brantley Willis hustled on defense.

In the second game, McNorton’s Mavericks edged past the Wildcats, 18 to 14.

Kevin McNorton and Braten Dill scored 4 points each for the Mavericks. Gerald Nichols and Jonathan Harrison supplied excellent defense.

Cody Shields scored 6 points for the Wildcats.

Chelsea Dunnaway and Cason Jones aided in the defensive struggle.

Game 3 pitted the Sixers against the 76ers.

The Sixers outscored the 76ers 30 to 23.

Marquez Buie and Stephen Bulger delivered 10 points and 8 points respectively for the Sixers.

Clint Carden played great defense.

The 76er’s lead scorer was Jon Walden with 12 points.

Jason McDaniel and Brooklyn Phillips furnished strong defense.


The Mavericks outscored the Spurs 32 to 21.

Brennan Smith led the Mavericks with 10 points.

Robbie Smith made numerous steals while Ronny Evans provided strong defense.

Justin Crum scored 8 points for the Spurs while Jared Perkins and Kirk Robinson hustled on defense.

In game 2, the Blue Devils outpaced the Bucks 39 to 36 in overtime. Graham Davis scored 17 points followed by Brent Douglas with 16 points for the Blue Devils.

Zach Ray furnished several assists.

Cody Byars led the Bucks with 15 points.

Desmond Mayfield, Blake McLeroy and James Stannard

delivered strong defense.


The Huskies stomped the Court Devils 25 to 14.

Alysia Perkins scored 12 points for the Huskies.

Lacey Walton and LaTonya Woods provided strong defense.

Whitney Green and Sarah Walker delivered 4 points each for the Court Devils.

Jessica Williams hustled on defense.

In Game 2, the Sparks edged the Wildcats 24 to 21 in overtime.

Alisha Wilcoxen scored 6 points for the Sparks.

Kellie Smith and Ashley Crum furnished excellent defense.

Cycola Buie led the Wildcat scoring with 10 points followed by Chelsea O’Shields with 8 points.

Brailey Smith delivered strong defense