BREAKING NEWS War begins in Iraq

War began in Iraq last night just after 8:30 p.m. &045; only about an hour and a half after a deadline given by President George W. Bush.

&uot;The people of the United States will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime,&uot; President Bush said in an address to the nation some 30 minutes later.

In what the president called an attack on &uot;strategic targets,&uot; the U.S. military launched F117 Stealth fighters and cruise missiles against Iraqi leaders, specifically one of five targets, Sadaam Hussein, his two sons or his two advisers.

At the same time, according to media reports, the main frequency of the Iraqi radio station was taken over by U.S. and coalition forces.

In Arabic, a voice began: &uot;This is the day we’ve been waiting for.&uot;

Pentagon officials have said in the past few days that the psychological aspect of this war against Iraq and its leader will be important.

President Bush said strikes had begun tonight to &uot;undermine Sadaam Hussein’s ability to wage war.&uot;

He said the war to disarm Iraq and bring about regime change will not be a &uot;campaign of half measures&uot; but one with &uot;no outcome but victory&uot; acceptable.

&uot;The danger to our country and the world will be overcome,&uot; he said