Closing in on Sadaam War thoughts cover gamut in Shelby County

From Staff Reports

The United States has now been engaged in war against Iraq for one week.

At presstime Tuesday, coalition troops were closing in on Iraq with bombing of key targets in the country coming almost constantly.

Public opinion in Shelby County about the war ranges from full support to adamant protest with some experiencing mixed emotions.

Wayne Raia, Columbiana

&uot;I believe we need to be over there. I support our president. We should complete what his daddy did 12 years ago,&uot; Raia said.

He said he did not agree with the protestors.

&uot;We should show our patriotic colors and, praise the Lord, we should win the war and bring our guys home safe.

&uot;Ninety-nine percent of my customers have expressed their support of the war.&uot;

Cindy Kelly, Columbiana

Cindy Kelly of Columbiana stands behind the actions of the United States and its leadership.

&uot;I support President Bush and our troops 100 percent,&uot; she said.

&uot;I certainly pray for our dead and our wounded. They have made the ultimate sacrifice and deserve 100 percent of our support.&uot;

Kendrall Bell, Shelby

One of Shelby County’s elementary school students Kendrall Bell said she was proud of the soldiers fighting against terrorism in Iraq.

&uot;I think they are doing a good job,&uot; she said.

Shevelle Green, Shelby

Shevelle Green of Shelby is unsure, however.

&uot;I have mixed emotions. I can’t really pinpoint it to one thing. I’m not really actually sure if the war is political or personal,&uot; she said.

Carol Moore, Columbiana

Carol Moore of Columbiana is not unsure at all.

&uot;I don’t like the war. I don’t think it’s necessary. I think it is going to turn out wrong, even if we win,&uot; she said.

&uot;I think the rest of the world will never forgive us. I support our troops but I don’t support our president.&uot;

Fred Yancey, North Shelby

Fred Yancey, head coach of the Briarwood Christian School Lions, stands fully behind the President and the war effort.

&uot;I really feel like time to time a country has to make a great stand to do what’s right,&uot; Yancey said. &uot;I feel like the president and the leaders of this country are making good decisions and I support those decisions fully.

&uot;As for protestors, it doesn’t bother me that they have their voice &045; it does, however, bother me when they break the law and pull law enforcement officials away from their real duties.

&uot;I don’t know the rules about showing POWs on television, but it is a sad thing to see Americans being treated that way. Hopefully, they will be released soon. I am hopeful, but it is a sad thing to see.&uot;