CMS students honor troops

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Seventh and eighth grade students in Susan Ham’s English classes at Columbiana Middle School recently showed their support for American troops and Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe in a special way.

The students wrote essays to show their support for the troops and made a scrapbook for Lowe, who at last report was stationed in Turkey serving in the Alabama Army National Guard in support of the war against Iraq.

The scrapbook was presented to Lowe’s wife, Scarlott, and their children, Caleb and Caroline.

Also on hand was CMS student Megan Billingsley, whose father, Columbiana Councilmember Tim Billingsley, has also been activated to

serve in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in Mobile.

Allan Lowe temporarily gave up his position as mayor to honor his military obligation when his Army National Guard unit was activated last December.

Serving in his place as mayor

is Tom Seale, who was a member of the City Council. And serving in Seale’s former spot

on the City Council is Scarlott Lowe.

The scrapbook, filled with some 60 essays was directed

to &uot;Allan Lowe: With our heartfelt thanks and utmost respect, we present this scrapbook to you, expressing our support and appreciation for your dedication to the United States of America. God Bless you! From, Susan Ham’s seventh and eighth grade English classes at Columbiana Middle School, March 21, 2003.&uot;

Included among the essays written in support the troops were the following:

By Katie Piper

Eighth Grade

&uot;Bang! Boom! BAM! No, this isn’t a scene from the movie Patriot, but it is a close relation to what the many troops in Iraq will be hearing if we go to war. Every day men and women are shipped to the coasts of Turkey, Afghanistan and Kuwait to start preparing for war. These people make up the United States Military. Most of these men and women are leaving behind families and lives they love to protect our country. They are also participating in very dangerous missions, but most of all they are showing the world just how strong the United States is. If you ask me, they all have hearts of gold!

&uot;These courageous soldiers of our military have given up so much for our country. Mothers and fathers will miss precious years with their children, along with many years with their spouses and other family members. You may not realize that parents in the military actually have two missions. They have to carry out orders and they also have to comfort their children although they’re millions of miles away. They have left behind a lot: including jobs, homes and friends. Being miles and miles away from the life you’ve always known can really be tough on a person, but the soldiers of our army have made it through.

&uot;Can you imagine having to tell your family that you may never come home again? Well, I certainly can’t! But that was just one of the many things that our soldiers have to do before leaving for Iraq or other countries. These enlistees left their families with the knowledge that they are traveling to a dangerous land on a dangerous mission. All of the troops are

in Iraq to help preserve peace, not only for the U.S. but also for the world.

&uot;But this peace will come at a very high price, a price that we will most likely pay with lives of soldiers and innocent civilians. It is because of this that we must remember not to take peace, or anything else for that matter, for granted.

&uot;After hearing the news, it seems to me that we are fighting this war alone. Many of our previous allies, that we fought for and died for, seemed to have turned their backs on us. But if you ask me, this war will prove to everyone just how strong and united we stand. For the countries that are loyal enough to help us, I truly honor you.

&uot;All we have to remember is that we are ‘…One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!’

&uot;To All the troops overseas, you have my full support and are in my prayers. United We Stand, Divided We Fall! God Bless!&uot;

Christine Mallory

Seventh Grade

&uot;I’m really proud of the soldiers overseas. They are ready to go to war if we have to. The soldiers are prepared for the worst. Many people are grateful for their strength and bravery to go to war. Three reasons why I appreciate the soldiers overseas are for their bravery, protecting our freedom and our lives.

&uot;One reason I appreciate them is for their bravery. Not everyone would have the guts to be willing to fight for their country. It would take a person who is very brave. These men and women weren’t required to go into the military. They were brave enough and were willing to.

&uot;Because of their bravery, they are overseas protecting our freedom. Everyone remembers the 9-11 terrorists attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York. It was a sad day for all of America. If we didn’t do anything about it, others would think they could take over our country, turn it into a dictatorship and take away our freedom.

&uot;They’re not only protecting our freedom, they’re also protecting our lives. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and says he’s destroyed them. President Bush doesn’t think so, and it’s pushing us toward war. These weapons could kill millions of innocent people. It comes to the force of war to destroy them.

&uot;I appreciate what the soldiers are doing for our country. I’m grateful for them and this amazing amount of bravery. They’re protecting our freedom in many different ways. Everyone should take one minute out of their busy schedule everyday and pray for the soldiers overseas.&uot;