Columbiana’s pre-war mayor Lowe begins process of taking over as mayor

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 22, 2003

The legal machinery is in motion to return Maj. Allan Lowe from active military duty with the Army National Guard to his pre-Operation Enduring Freedom role as mayor of the city of Columbiana.

At its July 15 meeting, the Columbiana City Council unanimously accepted a letter from pre-Iraqi War Mayor Allan Lowe which stated, &uot;I intend to resume my duties as mayor of Columbiana on Aug. 8, 2003.&uot;

The letter from Lowe was dated July 9, 2003. He will resume his duties as mayor exactly 30 days later.

Absent from the meeting was Councilmember Ouida Mayfield.

Next, on a motion from Councilmember Tim Billingsley and a second from Councilmember Leslie Whiting, the council voted unanimously to instruct the city clerk to inform the acting mayor (Tom Seale) that on &uot;Aug. 8, 2003, his powers, privileges and duties as mayor if the city of Columbiana will automatically terminate.&uot;

Following the actions, Lowe thanked the council for &uot;all you did while I was gone. I’m glad to be back … for better or worse, I’m home.&uot;

He asked that the council keep in mind American military personnel still deployed in various parts of the world.

Seale gave up his position on the council to serve as mayor in Lowe’s absence.

He is expected to be reappointed back to the council upon the resignation of Scarlott Lowe, who was appointed by the council to fill Seale’s vacated seat.

In another matter, the council approved

a contact between the city and Local Government Services LLC to negotiate a contact for the city regarding the renewal of its cable television franchise contract.

Seale pointed out that the cost of the service to Columbiana is $3,316 based on a per capita rate of $1 per city resident.

In other matters the council:

Approved a payment of $2,677.58 with $140.92 recorded as retainage for renovation of the Police Department.

Approved a contract with CGS Inc. for Liberty Day 2004 at a cost of $12,850. Seale said the amount is $11 less than for Liberty Day 2003.

Approved the construction of shelves in the downtown storage area of city hall for administration and court files in the amount of $3,200 by Donny Pate.


the use of a credit card by City Clerk Terry Collum for City Clerk School.

Approved the use of a credit card by Joanna Seale for a court seminar.

Approved the transfer of $584.12 from the General Fund to Ball Park Construction and $2,251.88 from the General Fund to the Library Fund.

Approved the employment of Cova L. Green, effective July 21

as a temporary helper in the street and sanitation department at a rate of $8 per hour.

Approved the employment of Huston Dale Lucas as a trainee at the waste water treatment plant at a rate of $10.96 per hour effective Aug.