Mobile classes slated at county schools

When the next school year begins, there will be an anticipated 21 additional mobile classrooms (trailers) in place.

Tom Ferguson, assistant superintendent of operations, gave the report to the Shelby County Board of Education.

According to Ferguson, there will be five additional mobile classrooms at Chelsea Elementary, four at Creek View Elementary, four at Oak Mountain Intermediate and five at Thompson Middle School.

In addition, he indicated there may also be some mobile units at Thompson High School and Riverchase Middle School.

Ferguson went on to say that if portable classrooms were in place for all teachers, including floating teachers, there would be 56 additional portables required.

He said he was not aware of a school in the county that had ample room for additional students.

School Superintendent Evan Major said, however, the school board tries to impress on school staff to make use of all available space before requesting a mobile classroom.

He said trailers &uot;don’t come free&uot; but are &uot;money grabbers.&uot;

He explained there are setup and moving costs involved with mobile units.

Major went on to note that

unless there is more funding,

current projects reviewed by the board will mark the end of school construction in the county.

While Major said the school board came up with a five-year capitol outlay plan for school construction about a year ago, he pointed out, &uot;We are at a point where we need to update our plan.&uot;

Major said the school system will continue to grow.

And, he said, 21 additional trailers may be the smallest number he could remember in years.

Boardmember Trey Ireland stressed that schools must be staffed.

And he urged that mobile classrooms (trailers) not be used as a reason to increase class size or to cutback on programs.

According to Ferguson, the follow is the latest update on current construction:

Calera Elementary: The roof deck is in place; concrete block is 95 percent complete; electrical rough-ins continue; and duct work was slated for installation within the week.

Calera Middle/High: The foundation block is in place for the locker room and band additions; stone fill is being place in foundations with a concrete slab to follow the next week; all masonry is complete on classrooms with doors and windows to be placed this week; and duct work installation is ongoing.

Thompson High School: The floor slab is 100 percent complete; concrete block work is ongoing with 20 percent in place; electrical rough-ins are ongoing; and the job continues to be behind schedule due to soil problems and rain.

Shelby County High School: Classroom Addition: Concrete block is 80 percent complete; bar joists and roof deck are in place with roofing slated to have begun last Monday; and electrical and plumbing rough-ins are ongoing.

Auditorium renovation: All framing and drywall is 100 percent complete; the drywall finishing process is ongoing; and the job is making good progress.

While the auditorium is not going to be finished by the start of school, Ferguson said the contractor is pressing for classroom completion by the second week of August.

Oak Mountain High School: Classroom Addition: The roof system is in place with roof panels to be installed on July 21; interior concrete block work is 98 percent complete; exterior brick and split face work is ongoing with 60 percent in place; and sprinkler and electrical rough-ins are ongoing.

Cafeteria Expansion: The roof deck is in place; interior concrete block work is ongoing with 60 percent in place; and the job is making good progress.

Columbiana Middle School: Building is complete with the exception of the landscaping; the contractor continues to work off the punch list ;and the project is anticipated to be complete

to be complete in two weeks.

Ferguson said there has been substantial completion and classrooms should be ready for occupation soon.

Mt. Laurel: The site work and grading is ongoing.

In addition to personnel actions, bid renewals were awarded for grease removal,

Child Nutrition Program beverages, chemical products and administrative authority was granted to award bids for miscellaneous technologies and distance learning.

Major said he was not ready to make a recommendation for filling the assistant principal’s position at Creek View Elementary.

Small construction contracts were approved Painting Contractors Inc. of Talladega for hall painting at Columbiana Middle School in the amount of $13,400 and for hall painting at Oak Mountain High School

in the amount of $9,900