Indicted mayor returns to Harpersville councl table

Harpersville Mayor Gloria Tate was back at the council table Monday night following a recent effort by one councilmember to get her to resign.

According to Shelby County District Attorney Robby Owens, Tate was recently indicted by a county grand jury on charges that she cashed a $1,000 check made to the city of Harpersville and for dismissing a driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) ticket for a town councilman’s son.

Owens said if it were found the actions were intentional, the charges will be felonies. However, he said , if the actions were unintentional,

they will be misdemeanors.

Following the indictments, Harpersville Town Councilmember Terry White offered a motion at the council’s Nov. 3 meeting to call for Tate’s resignation That motion failed to pass.

White did not offer a second motion calling for Tate’s resignation at the town’s second council meeting of the month on Monday.

When asked after the meeting if he planned to do so again

in the future, White said, &uot;Right now I’m just waiting to see how the rest of the council feels.&uot;

Tate that she did not care to comment on her indictments at this time.

Owens said he knew of no law that would prohibit Tate from serving as mayor with a simple indictment.

He said an indictment would not be sufficient to remove her from office.

While the Nov. 17 meeting played out in front of a capacity crowd, there were few fireworks.

Monique and James Crews asked questions about damage to a Fire Department bay door, about the purchase of a police vehicle and about personnel who show up late or who are not present.

Tate reported that the door was damaged in an accident which was covered by insurance.

Councilmember Cline Rhodes said the council passed a Police Department budget.

And Councilmember White said the Police Department wanted an SUV which it purchased for $22,000.

Debbie Logan asked, as a citizen, that the mayor and council do what is in the best interest of the city. She said the crowd should not be judge and jury. But she said the town needs a good mayor.

However, Theangelo Perkins moved that except for police officers who live inside the city limits, police personnel leave all police vehicles at the police station. He noted that the vehicle would be allowed to be taken out of town on official police business.

The motion passed with Councilmember White abstained. White said he did not

vote because he did not know all of the facts behind the motion