You can overcome raising

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 9, 2003

When my nephew Isaac was born six years ago, his father placed a small bear in his hospital crib. The stuffed animal was wearing an orange and blue jersey and, when you pressed his paw, the Auburn fight song played.

&uot;War Eagle, fly down the field,&uot; was the first song my nephew ever heard.

Since that time, he’s gone to Auburn games, worn Auburn clothes and basically lived the orange and blue that his dad breathes.

Still, I always felt there was

hope for Isaac and that despite the Auburn avalanche he has lived through, he would make it through unscathed.

My first indication was when his school had Alabama/Auburn day and Isaac told his dad he wanted to wear Alabama stuff. It took an Auburn face tattoo to convince him otherwise.

And then, last Friday, Isaac proved to all that you can overcome your raising.

We were all out shopping when we came across one of those stores that sells nothing but Alabama and Auburn merchandise.

I picked up a simple crimson shirt that said &uot;Bama&uot; on the front.

&uot;Do you like this?&uot; I asked Isaac.

He nodded, but kept walking.

I picked up a white sweatshirt with an elephant on the front.

&uot;Is this better? It has a mean looking elephant on the front,&uot; I said.

He smiled and kept walking.

Isaac then went to the side of the store and plucked an authentic looking Alabama jersey off the wall. It was No. 14, the number of former Alabama quarterback Tyler Watts.

&uot;I want this one,&uot; Isaac said.

I smiled a big smile and walked over to where my mother, Isaac’s grandmother, was.

&uot;Isaac has picked this out,&uot; I said, looking to make sure my brother and sister-in law weren’t around.

My mother looked at the jersey and then flipped over the price tag.

&uot;This jersey is $40,&uot; she exclaimed. &uot;You cannot pay $40 for a shirt for a 6-year-old.&uot;

She was right about that. It was too much for a shirt.

But still, I explained to her, this wasn’t just any shirt. This was an authentic looking Alabama jersey that Isaac wanted.

How could I say no?

We went to the checkout, where we did learn the jersey was on sale for 20 percent off, bringing the final price to around $32.

$32. For a 6-year-old’s shirt. But not just any shirt &045; an Alabama jersey. Look at it this way:

Cost of Auburn face tattoo used as a bribe? $1.

Cost of Alabama jersey selected by 6-year-old nephew? $32.

Look on brother’s face when he learns his oldest son is an Alabama fan? Priceless.

Leada DeVaney is the publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer and the Madison County Record. She is the former managing editor of the Shelby County Reporter