Well done, Alabaster

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 2, 2004

The city of Alabaster is working hard to live up to its image as truly a family community.

The City Council has been busy renovating facilities at existing parks and developing new parks such as Veterans Park off Highway 119 where ballfields, concession stands, walking trails and lakes with green areas are being developed for sports and family outings.

At Buck Creek Park the concession stand was re-roofed and a new field house was constructed.

At Municipal Park soccer fields are being lighted, a parking lot has been paved and new pavilions built.

And just recently, the City Council passed a resolution approving an ordinance to restrict nudity such as adult live entertainment.

We commend the city of Alabaster for taking steps to help foster a sense of pride in the community and provide places for family enjoyment.

The City Council has also been working hard to bring in more retail shopping to meet the needs of the community as well.

Well done, Alabaster