Rabies reminders needed

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Five cases of rabies have been confirmed in bats and raccoons in Shelby County this year. This should serve as a reminder to local citizens.

First, it should remind residents to vaccinate their pets, including cats, against the deadly rabies disease. Contrary to popular belief, rabies is often transmitted by wildlife such as raccoons and bats. These nocturnal animals, in turn, transmit the disease to cats, since they are generally nocturnal.

Secondly, the spread of rabies in Shelby County should remind residents to promote education about the dangers of contact with wild animals. Children, especially, should be warned to stay away from animals that are acting strange.

The rabies cases in Shelby County should not cause alarm among residents, but it should remind people that this deadly disease is a real threat that requires responsible behavior and cooperation