It was the only possible action

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Accusations were flying, fingers were pointing and profanity was prevalent on Monday night at the Shelby County Commission meeting.

Many, many residents turned out for the meeting hoping to block the final step in the process of making the Chelsea North-Dunnavant Valley South-Westover North beat a zoned area of the county.

Commissioners took the only avenue they could, however, following last week’s vote for zoning.

The fact is that when there is a vote in our society, majority rules; and the majority spoke loud and clear last week by voting almost two to one for zoning in their beat.

Ignoring that majority would have been an irresponsible and unthinkable action on the part of the county commission.

Whatever your feelings on zoning, the county’s comprehensive plan or becoming a &uot;community of communities,&uot; you must admit that we elect our representatives to listen to the majority.

This is what they did on Monday night and they did it in the face of numerous threats and accusations. But it was the only action they could possibly have taken