Changes in planning board

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dear Editor,

Shelby County residents still have a long way to go in acquiring a stronger voice concerning the growth of our county. This should concern every taxpayer because ill-planned growth adversely affects our taxes, schools, roads and our quality of life.

The Planning Commission (PC) is one of the only groups of non-elected officials that stand between taxpayers and those who contribute to unprecedented growth.

Without a strong, independent PC, politics come into play, special interests take over and residents are left to figure out how to pay for new schools, roads and county services required to handle the influx of more people.

I am concerned about a few things happening … or not happening, with the Shelby County Planning Commission.

Why has the position on the Planning Commission not been filled yet?

There is talk about future changes in the Enabling Legislation to reduce the number of PC appointments from 7 to 5.

Citizens should be concerned because it is easier to manipulate a smaller group.

There are also rumblings about changing the status of the PC as advisory to the County Commissioners instead of executive.

Why now? Who is behind this?

As they say: &uot;Follow the money.&uot;

These changes will adversely affect the citizen’s voice should they go through.

Nancy Campbell

North Shelby Count