Our chance to get involved

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shelby County residents felt slapped in the face by the State Health Planning and Development Agency’s certificate of need board last year when that board granted permission to place a drug treatment (methadone) clinic in the county.

Now, residents have a chance to make comments on two drug treatment clinics that have been proposed for the Saginaw/Alabaster area.

Residents, here’s your chance.

Make your feelings known. If you don’t want a drug treatment center close to your home, let them know.

A technicality has granted us another chance. Let’s be sure to take advantage of that.

Along those same lines, efforts continue to stop a quarry from locating near Meadow View Elementary School.

The time to object is now. Meetings and hearings are scheduled. Get involved in making your community exactly what you want it to be