Do your part for SBMC

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Since August of last year, Shelby Baptist Medical Center has performed more than 1,100 heart procedures with two more scheduled as this is being written.

More than 155 patients and their families have benefited from the open-heart surgery program which serves Shelby County along with Chilton, Bibb and other surrounding counties. An additional 480 patients and their families have benefited from life-saving cardiac stenting procedures during that time.

Now, thanks to a continuing battle with for-profit competitor Brookwood, the open heart services program is in danger.

Shelby Baptist officials continue to work tirelessly to ensure the court’s reversal of the hospital’s certificate of need does not stand.

As the hospital continues to pursue appeals options in the court system, officials have applied for another certificate of need from the State Health Planning and Development Agency.

To that end, Shelby County residents have an opportunity to help.

Hospital officials have requested that letters of support be sent to interim president Steve Williams, Shelby Baptist Medical Center, 1000 First Street North, Alabaster, AL 35007 or faxed to 620-7003 by Oct. 3.

These officials are aware of the bottom line … access to life-saving procedures is absolutely necessary for residents of this county and the surrounding counties.

We encourage Shelby County residents to make their voices heard in support of SBMC’s open-heart program