Public records helpful

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Have you ever wondered why we print the police records, sheriff reports and land transactions and other public information?

To some, it might seem nosy, but the information is hardly confidential, and more times than not, helpful to the public.

Although ignorance is bliss, it&8217;s better to know where drugs in your community were recently recovered or if a string of thefts happened in a neighborhood close-by.

Such simple information could help the public to not

leave valuables in their vehicles or remind them to lock doors.

Public records are also good way to see how area police are cracking down on crime. In Helena, the number of driving under the influence of alcohol arrests has increased, and it&8217;s surely not because people are drinking and driving more. Helena Police officers are making sure that if people do drink and drive, it won&8217;t happen again.

It&8217;s also important to know where crimes of rape or failure for sex offenders to register have occurred. This information helps families avoid moving into an areas not suited for their situation with children. It also alerts people to be careful and watchful.

Don&8217;t forget to check health ratings of restaurants you frequent. A score below an 84 is worthy of a heath write-up and a follow-up visit for the food establishment. So yeah, we definitely check on those records.

So take a minute and peruse the records. Getting equipped to help crack down on crime might even make you crack a smile. Some incidents and offenses can even be comical at times, like reports of stolen beer cases and fireworks. And who can help being happy for couples finding love at 70 listed in the marriage reports