Let it Grow: Autumn offers a great variety of colors

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 10, 2006

While walking around the neighborhood and enjoying the sometimes hot and sometimes cool temperatures of fall, I started noticing the colors of autumn beginning to show.

With each passing day over the last few weeks, the intensity of the nature show becomes more pronounced.

I have noticed that some of the crape myrtles are still blooming, but putting on their deep red leaves of the season.

The poplar trees are both green and gold right now. The maple trees are starting to show color too.

Most of the spring and summer annual flowers are still blooming and showier than ever. Annual salvias, with their red spires that attract the hummingbirds trying to get enough calories before they head south to Mexico and beyond; almost every color of zinnias; baskets of petunias cascading to the ground, still spreading their sweet aroma; red, white and blue vinca; begonias; ferns and impatiens, all showing their last blast of color against a clear blue sky. All of these things are part of my love for gardening.

The red and pink Knockout roses are still loaded with blooms and buds and will probably continue through December.

There are beautiful blue blooms on most of the perennial sages right now.

Here&8217;s another thing to look out for as a result of the end of the season specials we get this time of year.

I&8217;m not talking about what you can buy at the garden shops. I mean the bonus plants that have thrown seeds that have germinated.

I have more tomato plants right now than I&8217;ve had all year. Also, I have a second and third crop of basil.

All of these things make fall beautiful and fun. Get out there and enjoy it.

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