Making sense of dollars and cents

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Living on a fixed income becomes a big factor for baby boomers as their demographic approaches later stages of life.

Educating retirees on insurance, trusts, probate and inheritance taxes are just a handful of the services Benjie Lloyd, president and founder of Senior Strategies Inc. in Shelby offers.

Lloyd is launching his first radio show, titled, &8220;Money Minutes.&8221;

The half hour segment will venture into the financial world and take callers with all types of questions.

Lloyd&8217;s finance career began in 1984 as an insurance agent, before forming Senior Strategies, Inc. in 1994. With nearly 23 years experience in finance fields, Lloyd has climbed the ladder to assist those who have reached the top.

&8220;In the beginning, clients taught me as much as I did them. I have felt that the senior population needs to be constantly kept abreast and educated on what is going on with the court and laws of land and so many other issues,&8221; Lloyd said.

Lloyd, along with his wife, Ann, an estate planning and asset protection specialist, conduct workshops throughout Alabama and most recently in Pelham and Columbiana.

Lloyd says the purpose of his workshops is to have folks listen and understand general topics and issues that affect the retired community.

&8220;When people come to my workshops, they might be hearing me for the first time. We can discuss if they want to meet privately and talk about what is concerning them and format a plan to determine how we can help,&8221; Lloyd said.

Lloyd is also the author of &8220;Plan, Protect and Preserve: Your Guide For Taking Care of What&8217;s Important To You,&8221; which puts real life situations in perspective as people grow older.

Lloyd hopes the talk show, which airs every Sunday, will be a success. &8220;Money Minutes&8221; premiered pre-recorded, Sunday, Jan. 28, from 8:30-9 a.m. on 850 WXJC AM and from 1:30-2 p.m. on Gospel 1220 WAYE AM.

M.L. Wallace, one of Lloyd&8217;s partners will joined him to address wills, probate and trusts.

&8220;It is so important for people to hold onto what they&8217;ve got. Put preservation at the top and then growth under it,&8221; Lloyd said.

Lloyd can be reached at

1-800-613-2792 and