Big comfort often comes in small details

Having just made my way to Shelby County, I have found comfort in seeing just how small the world is.

When I packed up my things I had the first nervous feelings of hesitation. Could I make my home in a place where no one knew my family or anything about me?

Then while working on a story, a man and I struck up conversation when I mentioned where I was from. As it turned out, all of his family is either from the little town I grew up in or the other tiny town my fianc/ grew up in. Now, this might not seem too unusual to you but it made a world of difference to me. I was amazed and honestly thought it was one of the strangest coincidences.

Then I remembered a lesson I&8217;ve been trying to learn all my life. To me all of these small coincidences are signs to tell us that we are, where we are supposed to be. I have often ignored the tiny messages pointing me in the right direction. This time I&8217;m choosing not to ignore them. Sometimes it takes the smallest occurrence to make us remember that home is just one person away