Newspaper teaches kids to be KIND


There&8217;s a new newspaper coming to students in Shelby County.

Kids In Nature&8217;s Defense (KIND) News, is now available classrooms through the Shelby Humane Society. The educational resource is published by the National Association for Humane and Environmental Education, and available to any teacher who applies and receives sponsorship.

Businesses, civic groups and individuals can also adopt classrooms in Shelby County to receive monthly lessons in humane education. The Adopt-a-Classroom program teaches elementary-school children to treat people, animals and the environment with kindness and respect.

The classroom newspaper features articles, activities, puzzles and celebrity interviews that emphasize the importance of kindness and help children put basic values like compassion, responsibility and respect into practice.

A subscription to KIND News includes nine monthly issues, September through May. Each issue comes with 32 copies of the newspaper and a teacher&8217;s guide. Teachers also receive KIND Teacher, a resource book of reproducible worksheets and other materials to reinforce lessons on responsible pet care, wildlife, and environmental stewardship.

For more information about the Adopt-a-Classroom program, visit or contact Erin Melaney at 669-3916 or