Calera Chamber plans second annual job fair: Companies return again looking for employees

Finding a job can become an arduous process.

First, you look for an opening by searching newspapers or websites.

Then you have to send in resumes or fill out applications. Finally, you wait around for a call before going through more paperwork, tests and interviews.

The Calera Chamber of Commerce hopes to minimize the frustration of job-hunting through its second annual job fair this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

&8220;Many people completed a process last year that normally would have taken several days,&8221; Diane Privett, executive director of the Calera Chamber of Commerce said. &8220;I feel like we are really doing the area a service.&8221;

Privett said more than 500 people attended the fair last year; many left with at least an interview, if not a new job.

This year companies like Chemical Lime, Dunn Construction and LaFarge will be on site looking to fill positions. LaFarge is a returning company from last year.

Danielle Stokes, human resource specialist with LaFarge, said this year the company expects to hire 10 to 15 workers.

&8220;We had an overwhelming response last year,&8221; Stokes said. &8220;We were looking for 35-40 people and had 200 applications. We were able to have overall success in filling our positions.&8221;

This year, LaFarge is looking for quarry workers to drive bulldozers and other heavy machinery as well as maintenance workers, mobile maintenance and millwrights.

LaFarge and the other companies involved are expected to have testing centers onsite to help review applicants.

Jobseekers will be able to do more than grab an application and go home. Many people will get to speak directly to human resource or hiring officials from the various companies present.

Smaller companies such as Milano&8217;s Pizza will also participate. They are looking for after school or part-time workers. Privett said the fair opens doors for all types of workers. &8220;Even if you only have a few companies, there are still a lot of opportunities,&8221;

Privett said.

But this means that many people will get up early to make sure they have the first shot at job openings. &8220;The doors opened at nine [last year] but people were there at 7:30 a.m.,&8221; Privett said.