Gray Power: Older workers more loyal

Employers are afraid of employee turnover, because it costs companies big bucks. Turnover dollars really begin to add up when you compute the cost of hiring new people, training them on the new job, bringing them up to speed and correcting the errors they&8217;re likely to make at the beginning. All these factors have a negative impact on productivity.

Many employers believe that older adults won&8217;t be on the job for long. Employers think that older workers will leave the job market as soon as possible.

Reality: older workers remain on the job longer than their younger counterparts.

Studies consistently show that older workers are more likely to stay on the job than younger workers. In fact, &8220;first careerist&8221; &045; those employed in their first job &045; generally plan to leave their first employer unless they find some compelling reason to remain on the job. Older adults are less transient, more loyal, and, while they theoretically have fewer years to offer their employers, tend to remain on the job longer.

There are strategies for those seeking employment. They include:

-Let prospective employers know that you are planning to make a long-term commitment to their organization.

-Discuss your interest in remaining active.

-Show interest in company-sponsored training and development programs.

-Demonstrate your willingness to participate in these programs.

-Ask about the short-term and long-term goals of the organization.

-Share information about how you might contribute to the achievement of these goals.

-Here are some strategies that may help you keep your job.

-Let your employer know that you intend to work as long as you are able. Do this by talking with your supervisor and sharing your plans.

-Demonstrate your continued interest in employment by continuing to invest in your professional development and training.

-Attend company-sponsored educational programs.

-Take college or career education courses. Enroll in seminars and workshops.

-Simply outlast your younger counterparts.

-Nothing speaks louder than your loyalty and commitment to your employer