Two schools left in scholars tourney : Shelby County, Oak Mountain high schools face off Feb. 27


Scholars&8217; Bowl students from Shelby County High School and Oak Mountain High School will face off prior to the Shelby County Board of Education meeting to determine the winner of the varsity scholars&8217; bowl competition.

The two teams competed in the county-wide Scholars&8217; Bowl competition on Feb. 7.

In years past, the two teams would have competed that day to determine the final winner.

However, school officials have planned a special competition starting at 5 p.m. on Feb. 27 to recognize the 25th year anniversary of the Shelby County Scholars&8217; Bowl.

Results from the Scholars&8217; Bowl competition held Feb. 7-9 include Pelham High School taking top honors for the B-team competition. Oak Mountain High School finished in second place.

Scott Gray from Oak Mountain High School was the first place individual high scorer in the varsity team competition, with Robert Justice from Shelby County High School finishing second.

Will English from Pelham High School and Devin Adams from Thompson High School were the first and second place individual high scorers for the B-team.

Additional individual high scorers in the varsity competition included Wes Mobley, Calera High School; Zack Evans, Chelsea High School; Nicholas Ludvick, Montevallo High School; John Copus, Pelham High School; Andrew Sellers, Thompson High School; and Corey DeLoach, Vincent High School.

Additional individual high scorers in B-team competition included Whitney Waycaster, Calera High School; Mieke Groothizen,

Chelsea High School; Kirstan Cunningham, Montevallo High School; Geoffrey Fuglaar and Brooke Fuller, Shelby County High School; and Megan Overton, Vincent High School.

Middle School Competition

8th Grade

Team Winners

Oak Mountain Middle School – 1st Place

Thompson Middle School – 2nd Place

Individual High Scorers

Calera Middle School – Beth Bensinger

Chelsea Middle School – Valerie King

Columbiana Middle School – Jake Smith (Second Place High Scorer, tie)

Montevallo Middle School – Lionel Watkins

Oak Mountain Middle School – Joseph Nation (First Place High Scorer)

Riverchase Middle School – Tanner Smith (Second Place High Scorer, tie)

Thompson Middle School – Jesse Davis

Vincent Middle School – Luis Acvedo

7th Grade

Team Winners

Thompson Middle School – 1st Place

Riverchase Middle School – 2nd Place

Individual High Scorers

Calera Middle School – Cole Pevey

Chelsea Middle School – Garrett Payne (First Place High Scorer)

Columbiana Middle School – Jared Seale (Second Place High Scorer)

Montevallo Middle School – Conner Goggins

Oak Mountain Middle School – Eunyoung Jo

Riverchase Middle School – David Flynn

Thompson Middle School – Domenick Simonetti

Vincent Middle School – Giani Martin

6th Grade

Team Winners


Middle School – 1st Place

Chelsea Middle School – 2nd Place

Individual High Scorers

Calera Middle School – T.J. Goode

Chelsea Middle School – Carter Weis

Columbiana Middle School – Johnna Keenum

Montevallo Middle School – Natalia Watts

Oak Mountain Middle School – Becca Nation

Riverchase Middle School – Sam Robison (First Place High Scorer)

Thompson Middle School – Ryan Brown

Vincent Middle School – Jodee Hollis (Second Place High Scorer)