Letters to the editor for February 28, 2007

Dear Editor,

Long, long ago (1955), there was a young girl who in her senior year at Shelby County High School began her apprenticeship at the B-Lovely Beauty Shop in Columbiana. One of the patrons was Mrs. Luther Fowler. This grand lady was the mother of two children. Her second child was Conrad Fowler. He had a &8220;big&8221; sister whom we all know as Jane Fowler Carter. Mrs. Fowler shared with us the story of how her son received his nickname. It so happened that upon his birth, his big sister (all of 2-years-old) attempted to say brother. However, it came out as &8220;Bulley.&8221;

Therefore &8220;Bulley&8221; Fowler came into existence!

Later on in life, Bulley Fowler became the husband of Jenny, the father of Conrad Jr., Randy and the genealogy goes on…

In respect of the gentle memory of Mrs. Luther Fowler (as well as Bulley), I submit this explanation of how his nickname came to be as related to me.

This is not meant as a reflection on those who are not &8220;old-timers&8221; in Columbiana but just as a clarification of Bulley Fowler&8217;s nickname.

As we who are and have been associated with the Fowler and Carter families know, Bulley was indeed a gentle and kind person and he could never be portrayed in any other way.

This special remembrance has remained with me through the years. I just could not let this opportunity pass without relating this story to you.

Again, I reiterate this is not to embarrass any one, only to explain that the nickname is Bulley rather than Bully.

Written in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Fowler and &8220;Bulley&8221; Fowler.

Nancy Walton Brasher