Alabaster annexes airport homes

The Alabaster City Council has annexed land for a new 685-unit subdivision to be built near the Shelby County Airport.

Called Blackhawk Estates, the homes will be built off Smokey Road.

The council annexed 200 acres for the subdivision on Feb. 26 and another 106 acres on March 5.

Alabaster had to annex the site twice because state law says a municipality may not incorporate more than 50 percent of the distance between itself and its nearest neighbor, at one time.

&8220;We are going to follow the code, as usual, and annex half the land at a time,&8221; said Councilman Tommy Ryals.

The subdivision had faced initial opposition from Shelby County officials and local pilots.

However, Brett Roberts, an engineer for Blackhawk Estates, said all concerns about the airport have been addressed.

The Birmingham Aero Club has announced that it may no longer be able to hold its annual air show once the subdivision is completed