My name is Teddy Bear

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My name is Teddy Bear and my address, for now, is the Shelby County Humane Shelter, 381 McDow Road, Columbiana, AL

35051. I have been with these nice people since October, but I really want to go home &8212; or home with you!

I loved my family very much and they loved me, too. They said so in the letter they had fastened to my collar when they left me at the door of the shelter one night. You see, they had lost their jobs and had no place to go. They slept in the car, but there was simply not room for me there. You see I was soon going to have babies and my family simply could not take care of me. They asked, in the letter, that the caregivers at the shelter find me a good home. I miss them so much!

The people here are wonderful. When two of the ladies found me on their doorstep and read the letter from my folks, they sat down and cried. Then they took me in, fed me and days later helped me give birth to my five sweet babies. They had given me all the shots I needed because they wanted me to stay healthy. My babies lived with me until they were weaned and eating real food. I heard Sara Shirley, the kennel manager, say &8220;Two of them were adopted by Jesus and the others went home with families who would love them and take good care of them.&8221; I know my puppies are happy!

But, here I am. I&8217;ve been here for five months. Not long after my babies came, they did a little operation so I won&8217;t have another litter of pups, but that&8217;s okay &8216;cause I really can&8217;t take care of them. I feel great. I&8217;m healthy, very frisky and playful. I like kids and get along with other dogs. Ms.Shirley and her helpers give us plenty to eat and drink. They walk us every day and I know they love us, but I want a real home with a real family. I promise I&8217;ll make a wonderful companion, I&8217;ll be loyal, so happy to see you when you come home in the evenings and I&8217;ll let you know if there&8217;s a stranger about.

Think about it! If you have room in your home and in your heart for me, I&8217;d love to come and live with you. You can come by the shelter Tuesday through Saturday, from 10-4:30 to visit with me a little, and I know we&8217;ll like each other. The other day, one of my caregivers told a visitor that I am about three years old, weigh 40 pounds and am maybe a Chow mix; but that I&8217;m more beautiful than any Chow she&8217;d ever seen. They say I&8217;m a really wonderful dog.

Don&8217;t you need a really wonderful dog?

I&8217;ll be looking for you!

Catherine Legg can be reached at