Local kids make four-legged friends in county goat club


Just ask any member of the Shelby County 4-H Goat Club and they will quickly tell you that goats are … great!

They are likely to tell stories about friends named Buster, Skittles, Whiney, Odette or Nadine.

But don&8217;t worry these are not the names of the children in the club. They are four-legged creatures the club centers around.

Over the past year the members of the Goat Club have traveled to state fairs and other shows throughout much of the state of Alabama to show their prized possessions.

The most recent show was in Montgomery as part of the South Eastern Livestock Expo.

Those attending were Colton Jones, Olivia Clark, Tiffany Koen, Becky Williams, Holland Price, Madalyn Clark, Norma Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Brooke McKinney, Rebekah Letlow, Savannah Lemond, Somer Hall, Holly Hall and Ashlee Hall.

Many of these kids brought home first, second, third and Grand champion ribbons.The students have also participated in farm and agriculture day in Montevallo, with a display on how to make goat cheese.

They even provided some samples for those in attendance.

The club members held a raffle to raise money to help a farmer who lost her barn and several goats in a fire.

&8220;These kids have worked very hard this year not only to groom, train and show their goats, but have also shared their love of goats with the community,&8221; said Lee Anne Hall, mother of two girls participating in the club