Thinking Aloud: Leaders arent representing citizens well

&8220;If I despised myself, it would be no compensation if everyone saluted me, and if I respect myself, it does not trouble me if others hold me lightly.&8221;

-Max Nordau

Quite possibly, by the time you are reading today&8217;s newspaper, Governor Bob Riley will have vetoed legislation that would give legislators a 62 percent pay raise or he will be on the verge of doing so.

It is also possible that legislators will have overridden Riley&8217;s veto by that same time.

What will also be true if the veto is overridden is that we, the citizens of this state, will have a record of how each of our legislators voted [either for or against the veto, which in turn is a vote about the pay raise].

Make no mistake, our legislators deserve a pay increase; their last one was some 17 years ago, making an adjustment to their compensation way overdue.

But how they handled the initial vote on the pay increase legislation, voting by voice only in a manner that could not be recorded, was down right embarrassing.

Many people in this state distrust &8220;those folks&8221; down in Montgomery and such has only been amplified by the legislator&8217;s recent actions.

Perhaps it is just easier for some elected officials to blindfold their constituents than to serve the public in broad daylight. It certainly is disheartening to think in that regard.

Your legislative delegation from Shelby County has been honest and forthright about their votes for or against the pay increase; we can be thankful that we are represented by this caliber of men and women. The rest of the state cannot be so boastful.

Alas, all will know a full record of how each legislator cast their vote for or against the governor&8217;s veto, as voice votes are not allowed for such measures.

Unfortunately, by their own doing, legislators have soiled their reputations in an attempt to camouflage their votes for a long overdue pay increase.

It just doesn&8217;t make good sense and it most certainly does not make for good representation of the citizens of this state