Thompson excels in envirobowl


To further increase the environmental awareness and knowledge of Alabama&8217;s youth, Legacy Inc., Partners in Environmental Education, is hosting its 13th Annual EnviroBowl Competition.

There are six regional competitions and a statewide final. The top three teams at each regional competition will be meeting each other at state competition on April 20 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

This year the Thompson High School team placed second in their regional competition Jan. 16 at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

The Thompson High School team members are Corey Ray, Neal Modi, Andrew Sellers, Brittany Melton and Shannon Edsall.

Their coaches are Dr. Donna Strong and Miss Stacey Lingenfelter.

The EnviroBowl questions are designed to test the students&8217; knowledge of the environment and related fields, such as forestry, wildlife, chemistry, waste management, ecology, geology and pollution.

Many questions specifically target knowledge of Alabama&8217;s wildlife and environment.

Participation in the EnviroBowl has helped these Shelby County students learn about Alabama&8217;s endangered species such as the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, the Pitcher Plant and the Boulder Darter, said Strong.

Strong also said the students know that they need to be good stewards of the states vulnerable habitats like the Cahaba River, the Mobile Bay and the Bankhead National Forest