The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from April 6-12:

-Denton Earl Phillips, 51, of Montevallo and Tammy Temple Grinstead, 33, of Monevallo.

-William Shane Garrison, 35, of Columbiana and Tracy Lee Graham, 29, of Columbiana.

-Kenneth Dwight Jones, 61, of Calera and Kathie Collins Jones, 53, of Calera.

-Michael Robert Smith, 38, of Maylene and Joyce Angela Crawford, 30, of Wilton.

-Darrell Wayne Bedgood, 59, of Birmingham and Denise Joy

Faucett, 57, of Birmingham.

-Douglas Kirk Blakemore, 36, of Helena and Stacey Leigh Calvert, 30, of Chelsea.

-Daniel Kevin Nesmith, 24, of Chelsea and Tiffany Alice Carter, 30, of Chelsea.

-Marcus Tyrone Jones, 38, of Helena and Alice Marie Elliott, 31, of Helena.

-James L. Paramore, 67, of Manchester, Tenn. and

Evelyn Irene Babyar, 63, of

Manchester, Tenn.

-Michael Wesley Belk, 20, of Birmingham and Cassandra Michelle Farris, 18, of Birmingham.

-Thomas Paul Steber III, 25, of Orange Beach and Bridget Hope Maloy, 24, of Hoover.

-William Andrew Davis Jr., 44, of Pelham and Carrie Reeder Ruiz, 35, of Helena.

-Milton Leroy Brown Jr., 28, of Calera and Stefanie Danielle Arrington, 21, of Calera.

-Stefan Louis Mancuso, 25, of Pelham and Stephanie Tyler Roy, 24, of Pelham.

-Edward Vincent Kolodziej, 26, of

Columbiana and Carol Dawn Shelby, 27, of Wilsonville.

-Thomas Russell Grice, 31, of Alabaster and Katie Leigh Carmody, 22, of Alabaster.

-Brant Wood Youngblood, 26, Maylene and Bridget Lynn Simpson, 23, of Maylene.

-Daniel Franklin Lutz, 18, of Montevallo and Tonie Lee Ann Earnest, 18. Montevallo.

-Howard Allen Brantley, 21, of Goodlettsville, Tenn. and Kimberly Kay Lancaster, 23, of Goodlettsville, Tenn.

-Charles Robert Vann, 57, of Birmingham and Cindy Denise Rogers Godsey, 47, of Birmingham.

-Christopher Eugene Ray, 25, of Jemison and Constance Rena Lucas, 20, of Columbiana.

-Christopher Ryan Bevard, 25, of Shelby and Karen Schrader, 35, of Shelby.

-Ronnie Wayne Fenley, 34, of Calera and Felicia Ann Gannon, 31, of Calera.

-Sunil Ronald Pereira, 27, of Birmingham and Reema B. Pereira, 28, of Birmingham.

-Rickey Dale Giles, 43, of Maylene and Amanda Lee Hardin, 22, of Maylene.

-Kevin Michael Smith, 29, of Calera and Alicia Lynn Mc Donald, 23, of Calera.

-Michael Timothy Green, 46, of Alabaster and La Donna Kay Bates, 47, of Alabaster.

-James Rhett Guarnieri, 24, of Chelsea and Jill Sartain Jackson, 25, of Birmingham.

-Mark Millard McGinnis, 26, Birmingham and Amber Danee Mc Clintock, 24, of Helena.

-Stacy Dwayne Fleming, 34, of Calera and Candace Paige Mc Guire, 27, of Calera.

-Chadwyn Reid Stegall, 31, of Calera and Laura Marie Lapkovitch, 28, of Calera.

-Gladin Scott Byrne IV, 31, Alabaster and Melody Annis Arledge, 32, of Columbiana