Owens House rolling on fundraisers success

The Blue Ribbon campaign, which supports Owen&8217;s House &045;&045; a center that assists in child abuse investigations, brought in $28,000 with last month&8217;s eighth- annual Blue Ribbon Ride.

Helen Rardin, director of the house, said state cutbacks have made fund-raisers even more necessary.

&8220;A lot of people were very good to us to share their good fortune,&8221; Radin said. &8220;We see a lot of great families who are going through traumatic times because their children are being abused.&8221;

One hundred and eighty-four bikers cruised through 80-miles of Shelby County back roads, with money raised through corporate sponsors and rider fees.

&8220;We&8217;ve made more this year than we&8217;ve ever made and had the most riders,&8221; Radin said.

Much of the money goes to therapy for children, especially in times of emergency or for simple things like toiletries.

&8220;Some people ask &8216;Well, what&8217;s on your wish list&8217; and we laugh and say toilet paper, paper towels, goldfish crackers, juice boxes,&8221; Radin said. &8220;Normal things you would use at a house because we try and provide that home-like atmosphere here, to make them [children] a lot more comfortable.&8221;

The center&8217;s goal is to provide a non-threatening environment,instead of a police station, in which investigators can meet with children who have been abused