Calera slander suit dismissed

CALERA &8212; A former city councilwoman has settled her slander lawsuit against Mayor George Roy, according to court records.

Tommie Lynn Morrison and Roy have filed documents in Shelby County Circuit Court asking the case be dismissed.

In the settlement, Morrison will be awarded $28,750 and given a letter of apology from Roy, according to papers signed by her and her Alabaster-based attorney, James V. Green Jr.

Both Roy and his insurer, Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation, stress the settlement isn&8217;t an admission of guilt, in court documents.

Morrison said the case was related to &8220;malicious lies&8221; spread about her during the city&8217;s 2004 municipal elections in which she ran an unsuccessful campaign for re-election.

Morrison claims Roy, on two separate occasions, told people she had committed a crime and was in legal trouble. She said the &8220;untrue and defamatory&8221; charges caused her disgrace, ridicule and contempt.

&8220;I want to sincerely thank the many citizens of Calera who supported me,&8221; said Morrison. &8220;This whole deal is an insult. I don&8217;t think this is the American way.&8221;

Morrison filed the suit in September 2005 because her &8220;reputation was damaged.&8221;

Calls to Roy for comment weren&8217;t returned. Roy&8217;s attorney, Daniel Pickett, of Donahue & Associates LLC, confirmed the case had been dismissed but declined to comment further.

The settlement prevents a jury case before Circuit Judge J. Michael Joiner