Letters to the editor for June 20, 2007:

Dear Editor,

Fighting news by Alabama lawmakers has been recently in the news.

In this spirit of name calling and fighting, I want to call &8220;all&8221; in leadership roles in Alabama &8220;all&8221; the unkind names who continue to allow pure evil tobacco to prey on our kids and their addicts who blow their toxic smoke in our &8220;Alabama the Beautiful&8221; public air.

Especially the ones who accept blood-stained Big Tobacco loot in the name of campaign donation. The Devil hasn&8217;t created names yet for you.

I have the T.estosrone L.ove and C.ourage to swing a pretty hard punch to those much weaker pieces of Alabama flesh who continue to allow the Big Bully Tobacco to abort 7,400 family and friends in Alabama.

At age 54, I weigh in at 191 with Levis at 31 x 32 inches. Looks like those in the fighting news scene are a long way from the 31-inch waist.

I hear the Rocky movie theme playing.

Mike Sawyer

Executive Director

I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc.