P.O. Box 225

Florence, AL 35631


Age: 54

Family: daughter, Valerie, 24.

Education: B.S. Social Work, M.S. Criminal Justice, University of Alabama;

J.D., University of Alabama School of Law; National Judicial College; General Jurisdiction Course; Training in Christian Meditation Training through Peacemaker Ministries


Paseur&8217;s personal message

As a judge presiding over criminal and civil cases for 25 years, I know the importance of applying the rule of law and the importance of the pursuit of justice. Having had wonderful parents who taught me to love and serve others, and being a parent myself, I know the importance of preserving traditional family values. As a judge on the court of criminal appeals, I pledge to continue to follow the rule of law, to guard the public trust and to protect Alabama communities for our children. I humbly ask for your trust, your support and your vote