Letters to the editor for July 18, 2007:

Dear Editor,

God has been so good to our family. He has blessed us with a wonderful pastor, church family and association filled with wonderful staff and volunteers. So many friends have called, brought food, sent cards and helped sit. There is too much to mention. To each person, thank you.

Pat Hughes / Columbiana

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you because I am very concerned about the Community Education Center coming to Columbiana. We have a nice little city where we can feel safe walking down the streets, going to the post office, church or the bank or just browsing through town.

Although we have a sheriff department and city jail plus a work release program, that just doesn’t work. Some people think it’s alright to bring prisoners from all over the state of Alabama to Columbiana and put them in a $8 million or $9 million facility, plus use state money to take care of them. They say these people are nearing the end of their sentence, so they are going to try to educate them, give them job training and teach them to live in society.

Ha! Ha! These inmates can get education and job training where they are at, so I feel they should stay at the location where they are. Those are people who have broken the law over and over again to get where they are, so they must like it.

Someone said to me, “Don’t you think we have a responsibility for these inmates?” No, I don’t. They broke the law. I did not. I am not guilty. They are.

If you want to help them, see that they are punished for their crimes instead of enabling them to get out and return to prison. After all it’s their choice. If they have families, they should help them if they can. If no, there are half way houses and other organizations that will be glad to help them.

This is my opinion. I think that housing inmates in Columbiana will ruin the city. I live one mile from the city limit sign. I go to Columbiana to shop and go to the bank, church and post office. So Columbiana is my home. I have watched it grow.

I am asking everyone to attend the public meeting July 26 whether you are for this or against it. I feel the people of Columbiana should have a say in this. After all, it’s their home too.

Johnnie Page / Columbian