Online Predators

Today most teenagers are chatting online, and most of the people they are talking to they don’t know. They think they are talking to kids their age, but over half of them are old enough to be their parents or grandparents. Also half of the teenagers give out their numbers and even addresses, and half of those teenagers&160;come up missing.&160;Lots of parents do not check their kids computer, because they trust them. But it is not only&160;your kids you should trust. I am a teenager myself and I have had many men and women&160;way over&160;my age try to talk to me on myspace, blog sites, and even fan sites. I have done some research to see&160;how in danger&160;we are. I joined a site called teenspot, and one of my first messages was from a man that said he was&160;thirty years old. So that shows that your kids are in more danger then you think. So please check your kids computers and&160;e-mails more, because you never know&160;who they are talking to.&160;