Letters to the editor for August 15, 2007:

Dear Editor,

Recently I had the honor and privilege of coaching our Underwood team in the Dixie Youth &8220;Ozone&8221; Alabama State Tournament hosted by Shelby County in Columbiana. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of the wonderful people of Columbiana who made our trip very special.

The fields were pristine with the greenest grass that I have ever seen in my life. The ground crews obviously worked day and night to pull that off. I wish that I knew all of their names so that I could personally thank them for their time and trouble.

To Kim Proctor, our team mom, thank you for all of your considerations. You were always there leading us by the hand and we appreciate you and your family for the time that you spent taking care of us.

To Dawn, our photographer friend, thanks for being patient with us while the boys were being boys. The pictures are excellent.

To Jennifer, our No. 1 cheerleader, I don&8217;t think you missed a one of our games. Thanks for being there. You are a beautiful girl and I know you will go far in life.

To Ken Jones, a supreme tournament director, you did a great job. No question went unanswered and you were there taking care of us from day one until the end. I hope you have had a chance to catch up on your sleep.

To all of the people of Columbiana who worked so hard to make this tournament the success that it was, &8220;Thank You.&8221; You have my appreciation and my respect for the work that you did to give our children a memory that will last a lifetime.

I&8217;m sure that we all will meet again at another Dixie Tournament, however, I firmly believe that no one can top the job that you did. You and Columbiana will forever be endeared in our hearts.

Clint Wilkes

Underwood Youth Complex

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the arrest of Kimberly Snow, Asst. D.A. of Shelby County for stealing from Wal-Mart. I understand that she will not get any jail time because it was her first offense? I think she should get the same amount of time that she gave my son for his first offense &8212; three years in prison. I don&8217;t think that she should get any favors just because she is young or because she is a Snow or because of her title. I think the

court system in Shelby County should be investigated from the judges, law enforcement, etc. I hope you print this unless you are in the same click.

Sondra Moore


Dear Editor,

Thank you Councilman Kelley. Your constituents can be very proud of your stand and vote against the inmate training center, while we in other districts are not so proud of the representation we have received.

However, we will remember this in the next election. You obviously gave much thought and consideration to your vote and displayed true courage and “representation of the people.” Usually those who stand for “right” sometimes feel they stand alone – but just keep standing Councilman Kelley &8212; you are definitely not alone.

A.E. Owen