Dog Fighting

Vince Balassone


As a Yankee transplant to Alabama, I have been residing is this great state for a little over ten years now. I have gradually warmed up to the sport&160;of NASCAR and became more of a fan of college football then I ever thought I would. However, being in the South has also opened my eyes to some “sports” that I feel give the rest of the United States the stereotype they have for Alabama and the South.

As I am sure all of you know, Michael Vick is currently being indicted on federal counts of dog fighting in Virginia. Vick being indicted has opened up an outpour of emotions concerning the cruelty to dogs. Dog fighting is a despicable act by all that are involved. I am the proud owner of an Olde English Bulldogge named Bruno the Fearless Houdini. He is a handful, a pain in the butt, and sometimes just a plain jerk, but I love him to death and could never imagine anyone ever hurting him. For dog lovers across America I empathize with those who would literally kill if someone were to harm your dog. Anyone who participates in this brutality should pay the full penalty.

Now let’s get some things straight. I am not a “Yankee Liberal”. I am not trying to join the bandwagon of crucifying Vick. I was a huge Vick fan, and still maybe later if he ever plays again. What I can’t stand is the fact that PETA and other animal rights activists are making Vick their Hitler. I understand that he is the biggest celebrity tied into this mess. If he is guilty I hope he gets the maximum penalty and rolls over on anyone else he may know that is tied into this. But if can not stop with Vick. He is only one guy amongst thousands that participate in dog fighting. If anyone knows about dog fighting occurring I urge them to to the right thing and tell the police. Dog fighters not olny fight pit bulls, but also grab dogs out of backyards to use as target practice for their dogs in training. So even though you think it doesn’t involve you, it could one day.

Anyone that has HBO please watch the recent episode with Real Sports. There is about a 15 minute pieces that is a real eye-opener to anyone that is not well educated on these acts