Down the hall: Vincent yearbooks face cancellation

HERSHIKA PATEL / Guest Columnist

As a senior at Vincent High School, I was devastated that we might not have a yearbook for our senior year. Personally, I love to cherish memories, and a yearbook to me is like an album to remind me about that year. Since we might not have a yearbook this year, I will not be able to reflect on my senior year when I get older.

Since the late 1980s the Vincent High School yearbook accounts have been in tremendous debt.

In the past twenty years, there have been two years for which Vincent did not have a yearbook: 1987 and 1994. There are many reasons behind the cancellations, but the main reason is financial problems.

Since the yearbook accounts are in so much debt now, there might not be a yearbook for this year (2007-2008).

Mrs. Howard, who has been the yearbook sponsor for five years, is working really hard to get the yearbook out of debt. She had attended the Vincent and Harpersville town meetings and asked for donations. Currently, she is working with Harpersville’s Mayor Theoangelo Perkins to save the yearbook. Also, Mrs. Howard has been holding meetings at school.

The first meeting was on Sept. 5, and some alumni of Vincent showed up to show their support. The meeting was about strengthening the Alumni Association and getting the community involved.

The second meeting was held on Sept. 20. The main goal of the meetings was to collect money to pay off all the debts and to create a surplus for future yearbooks.

It takes about $8,000-$10,000 to produce a yearly set of yearbooks. If every student at Vincent, around 500, would buy a yearbook, that would help the yearbook accounts tremendously. Yearbooks cost $30.

Mrs. Howard says, “They are memories to cherish and what we don’t hold as a priority now, will be a priority later.”

If anyone would like to help save our yearbook, contact Dawn Howard at Vincent High School.

Hershika Patel is a 12th-grade student at Vincent High School