Shelby County Fair winners

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 27, 2007


Farm Produce and Canning, adult


Sharon Averyt – Butternut squash, canned fruit other – cranberry sauce

Louise Beasley – Bell peppers, green tomatoes, canned tomatoes and okra, blackberry preserves, blueberry preserves, pickled mixed peppers, pickled other – eggs

Bunny Faye Benson – Sweet red peppers, fig preserves, strawberry fig preserves, blackberry raspberry fig preserves, pepper ring, salsa

Mike Carlson – Eggplants, green onion, canned red tomatoes, habanero/apricot pepper jelly, whole dill pickles

Erin Cuellar – Zucchini

Jean Green – White eggs, sweet potatoes, canned snap beans, canned other vegetable – easy roast vegetables, dill pickles, spaghetti sauce

Lee Anne Hall – Peach preserves

Joan Hinson – Crabapple jelly

Jadie Holsomback – Honey with comb

Tura Holsomback – Strained honey

Robin Hyatt – Canned snap/cut beans, apple jelly, other jelly – dragon egg

Barbara Hyde – Pears, dried Irish potatoes, dried tomatoes, dried other meat – deer jerky, dried other fruit – kiwi, canned apples, canned applesauce, canned blackberry, canned fruit juice – apple, canned limas, canned speckled beans, canned carrots, canned corn 0 white, canned onions, canned Irish potatoes, canned sweet potatoes, soup mixture, canned green tomatoes, canned turnip greens, canned zucchini, apple preserves, pear preserves, watermelon rind, blackberry jelly, fig jelly, muscadine jelly, peach jelly, apple butter, fig jam, fruit butter – pear, pear jam, apple rings, pickled beets, cucumber – bread and butter

Vicki Vincent Horton – Dried figs, peach zucchini marmalade, pickled green tomatoes, pepper relish

Gina Hyde – Canned blueberry

Sandy Johnson – Dried apples, dried bananas, canned sliced peaches, canned pear, canned beets, canned pumpkin, canned other – mushrooms, grape jelly, sweet relish, taco sauce, tomato sauce

Jane Jones – Muscadine grape – dark, muscadine grape – light, yellow squash, dried grapes (raisins), dried peas, dried peppers, other dried vegetable – soup mix, canned figs, canned whole green beans, canned tomato juice, strawberry preserves, muscadine jelly, plum jelly, peach jam, pickled sweet sliced cucumbers, peach pickles

Vicki Letlow – Strawberry jam

Gracie Elizabeth Martin – Large brown eggs, pepper sauce

Billy Parker – Blueberry jelly

Marline Pugh – Canned okra

Roland Pugh – Dried sunflower, watermelon

Ozelle Reinhardt – Gourds (BOS), apple gourds

Jean Reynolds – Pickled pepper – hot

Barbara Robinson – Pepper jam

Jack Stone – Okra, peas, hot peppers, tomatoes

C.T. Tingle – Chestnuts, persimmons

Lois Tingle – Pecans, beef jerky, dried carrots, dried fish, fruit leather, dried herbs and spices, dried okra, dried onion, dried peaches, dried squash

Connie Wheeler – Pickled okra


Sharon Averyt – Peach – pickled

Louise Beasley – Apple gourd, tomatoes, farm produce other – macroons giant peppers, canned turnip greens

Mike Carlson – Peppers – hot, preserves other – cranberry spice conserve, pickled cucumber – bread and butter

Erin Cuellar – Gourds, squash

Evelyn Davis – Strawberry fig preserves

Jean Green – Brown eggs, canned fruits other – dino eggs, beans – speckled butter, pickled peppers – hot

Jadie Holsomback – Strained honey

Vicki Vincent Horton – Peppers – sweet, dried peppers, canned figs, fruit juice, canned pears, canned tomatoes – green, pickled zucchini, chow chow, spaghetti sauce

Robin Hyatt – Dried carrots, dried other – potatoes carrots

Barbara Hyde – Light muscadines, beef jerky, dried fish, dried grapes (raisins), dried herbs and spices, dried onion, dried peaches, dried peas, canned blueberries, canned peaches – slices, canned beans- whole, canned beets, canned corn – yellow kernel, canned tomatoes and okra, strawberry preserves, blueberry jelly, crabapple jelly, grape jelly, blackberry jam, peach jam, strawberry jam, pickled green tomatoes, pickled okra, pickled other – eggs, chili sauce, green tomato relish, sweet relish

Gina Hyde – Dried apples, dried okra, applesauce, canned beans – limas, fig preserves, pear preserves, pickled pepper – sauce

Imogene Seale – Pickled cucumber – sliced sweet, canned sauces other – tomato relish

Sandy Johnson – Canned apples, canned soup mixture, marmalade, apple jelly, dark muscadine jelly, apple butter, pickled cucumber – whole dill, mixed pickles, hot dog relish, salsa

Jane Jones – Dried carrots, dried fruit leather, dried squash, canned beans – snap/cut, blueberry preserves

Vicki Letlow – Jam other – pear-strawberry

Mitzi Pugh – Muscadine dark

Roland Pugh – Okra, peas – southern

Andy Robinsons – Eggplant, honey with comb

Barbara Robinson – Pepper jelly

Edna Stone – Canned tomatoes – red

Mary Gail Thomas – Peach preserves

Lois Tingle – Peppers – bell, dried bananas, dried figs, dried tomatoes, dried fruit other – citrus, dried vegetable other – sweet potatoes, canned okracanned pumpkin

C.T. Tingle – Pears


Louise Beasley – Gourds, canned vegetable other – corn and tomatoes, pickled pepper – sauce

Bunny Faye Benson – Grape jelly

Mike Carlson – Peppers – sweet, produce other – elephant garlic, blueberry preserves

Erin Cuellar – Eggplant, okra, tomatoes

Tura Holsomback – Honey with comb

Angela Horton – Pickled pepper – hot

Vicki Vincent Horton – Dark muscadine grapes, peppers – hot, dried squash, canned tomatoes – red, dark muscadine jelly, pickled squash, pickled other – pears

Robin Hyatt – Fruit juices

Barbara Hyde – Dried bananas, dried carrots, dried figs, dried fruit leather, dried okra, dried vegetable other – cucumber, canned figs, canned pumpkin, peach preserves, strawberry fig preserves, apple jelly, peach – pickled, pickled watermelon rind, corn relish, hot dog relish, spaghetti sauce

Gina Hyde – Dried peaches, canned apples, canned pears, canned carrots, canned soup mixture

Sandy Johnson – Dried grapes (raisins), apricot preserves, tomato ketchup

Jane Jones – Dried tomatoes, pear preserves

Diane Milner – Dried fruit other – pears

Billy Parker – Fig preserves

Charles Payne – Pepper jelly

Jean Reynolds – Pickled cucumber – sliced sweet

Kim Reynolds – Eggs – brown

Andy Robinsons – Honey strained, peppers – sweet

Martha Shelton – Pears

Mary Gail Thomas – Marmalades

C.T. Tingle – Muscadine – light

Lois Tingle – Dried apples, dried peas, dried peppers

Connie Wheeler – Canned corn – white



Kasey Alana Benson – Muscadine grapes – dark, okra, strawberry fig preserves

Emily Somer Hall – Canned red tomatoes, peach preserves

Sarah Hyde – Pears, canned apples, canned English peas, fruit butter

Kylie Jones – Muscadine grapes – light

Matthew Lanzi – Strained honey, honey with comb

Rebekah Letlow – Muscadine jelly – light, jams other

Satchel Park – Dried sunflower


Ashlee Hall – Canned tomatoes – red

Holly Anne Hall – Okra, peppers – sweet, produce other – green eggs, peach preserves

Sarah Hyde – Apples, canned pears, canned fruits other – crab apples, strawberry fig preserves, muscadine jelly – light, apple butter

Eli Jones – Muscadines – dark, muscadines – light

Rebekah Letlow – Strawberry jam

Hannah Talmadge – Jams other – muscadines


Ashlee Hall – Eggs – white

Emily Somer Hall – Eggs – brown

Holly Anne Hall – Peppers – bell, canned tomatoes – red

Sarah Hyde – Grape preserves, pear preserves, peach jam

Kylie Jones – Muscadeins – dark

Hannah Talmadge – Muscadine jelly – light



Steve Anderson – Photography: other

Bonnie Atchison – Watercolors

Angela Clement – Photography: beach (BOS)

Amanda Dover – Photography: children

Reggie Holsombeck – Photography: landscape, people, seasonal

Karen Hurd – Photography: vehicles

Gary Wayne Johnson – Charcoal

Sandy Johnson – Acrylics, crayon, pastels, pen & ink

Joanna Kulenek – Mixed media (BOS)

Marline Pugh – Oils

Penny Wegener – Photography: aircraft, animals, architecture

Jennifer Williams – Photography: flowers

Hannah Willis – Pencil


Steve Anderson – Photography: flowers, landscape

Angela Clement – Photography: children

Evelyn Davis – Pen & ink

Marcy Gwin – Watercolors

Reggie Holsomback – Photography: aircraft, architecture, vehicles

Lynn Jared – Photography: beach, people

Michael Jared – Photography: animals

Sandy Johnson – Charcoal, oils, pencil

Marline Pugh – Mixed media

Sarah Jo Richards – Acrylics

Penny Wegener – Photography: seasonal, other

Hannah Willis – Pastels


Steve Anderson – Photography: children, seasonal, vehicles

Bonnie Atchison – Oils

Angela Clement – Photography: people

Reggie Holsomback – Photography: animals, other

Karen Hurd – Photography: aircraft, landscape

Gary Wayne Johnson – Pencil

Sandy Johnson – Watercolors

Patricia Pizzilola – Pastels, pen & ink

Cathy Walker – Photography: flowers

Penny Wegener – Photography: beach

Jennifer Williams – Photography: architecture

Mary Williams – Charcoal, mixed media

Hannah Willis – Acrylics



Kasey Alana Benson – Photography: flowers

Rebecca Danielle Blankenship – Watercolors (grades K-5)

Nathan Brasher – Mixed media (grades K-5)

Kendra Buckner – Pastels (grades 6-8)

Jessie Kate Davis – Charcoal (grades K-5)

Jon Connor Davis – Pen & ink (grades K-5)

Zandria Dowdell – Acrylics (grades K-5)

Michelle Gann – Charcoal (grades 9-12)

Jill Horton – Mixed media, oils, watercolors (grades 9-12)

Michael Kessinger – Pencil (grades 9-12)

Donita Denise Lee – Pastels (grades 9-12)

Rachel Letson – Photography: other (BOS), beach

Jacob Logan – Pencil (grades 6-8)

Zachary Miller – Photography: people

Stephanie Milner – Photography: animals, architecture, landscape

Satchel Park – Pencil (grades K-5)

Victor Porcayo – Pen & ink (grades 9-12)

Alisha Reynolds – Crayon (grades 9-12)

Daniel Teal – Acrylics (grades 9-12)

Preston Waid – Watercolors (grades 6-8)

Mitchell Watson – Crayon (grades K-5), photography: aircraft, children, vehicles

Caitlin Whitfield – Acrylics, crayon, oils (grades 6-8)

Nece Winbush – Mixed media (grades 6-8)

Kinady Wood – Pen & ink (grades 6-8)


Destiny Bui – Mixed media (grades K-5)

Jessie Kate Davis – Watercolors (grades K-5)

Jon Connor Davis – Charcoal (grades K-5)

Jeremiah Diggins – Acrylics (grades K-5)

Amanda Draper – Pen & ink (grades 6-8)

Megan Elizabeth Eighmy – Pencil (grades 6-8)

Michelle Gann – Watercolors (grades 9-12)

Alexandria Hogg – Crayon (grades 9-12)

Morgan Holcombe – Photography: animals

Jason Jeffcoat – Mixed media, pastels, pencil (grades 9-12)

Kaderius Lacey – Pen & ink (grades 9-12)

Zachary Miller – Photography: architecture

Ashley Renea Reynolds – Oils (grades 9-12)

Faith Talmadge – Crayon (grades K-5)

Hannah Talmadge – Crayon (grades K-5)

Caitlin Whitfield – Watercolors (grades 6-8)


Ashley Brackett – Pencil (grades 6-8)

Ella Brasher – Acrylics (grades K-5)

Amy Carr – Pen & ink (grades 6-8)

Michelle Gann – Mixed media, oils (grades 9-12)

Tucker Irvin – Mixed media (grades K-5)

Donita Denise Lee – Watercolors (grades 9-12)

Sydney Morris – Pen & ink (grades 9-12)

Faith Sibert – Crayon (grades K-5)

Genea Talmadge – Pencil (grades 9-12)

Catherine Lacey Walton – Photography: animals

Mitchell Watson – Charcoal, watercolors (grades K-5)



Mildred Baldwin – Senior adult quilt

Louise Beasley – Decorated gourd, hair accessories, decorated sweatshirt other

Bunny Faye Benson – Crocheted baby items, baby quilt, quilt other, sewn table runner

Candice Brashier – Framed nature counted cross stitch, needlepoint – background only, needlepoint – entire picture, unframed needlepoint other

Katie Brashier – Framed Christmas counted cross stitch, needlework other

Charles Bryars – Woodworking by hand and machine, senior adult woodworking

Lura Campbell – Machine-quilted quilt, quilt made by a group, original design quilt, pieced quilt

Joan Crawford – Senior adult Christmas, senior adult cross stitch, cross stitch quilt, sewing other

Betty Donahue – Unframed needlework kit, senior adult sewing, appliqu/d quilt, quilt square, sewn decorated jacket, sewn vest, sewn decorated vest, sewn bathroom accessories, sewn hot pads, sewn placemats, sewn household items other, Christmas general handcrafts, pillow, stenciled items

Theda Dykes – Crocheted afghan

Kimberly Eighmy – Sewn children’s wear other

Karen Evans – Crocheted baby items

Ladonne Fox – Painted rug, folk art other, doll

Judy Goodwin – Sewn cotton dress, senior adult other, general handcrafts other

Bernice Crisp Griggith – Knitting duplicate stitch

Anita Nancy Haddad – Quilt wall hanging

Jennifer Holmes – Sewn costume

Robin Hyatt – Quilt top, sewn children’s dress

Gary Wayne Johnson – Airbrushed sweatshirt, airbrushed T-shirt

Sandy Johnson – Decorated tools, machine appliqu/d sweatshirt, Auburn T-shirt, Alabama T-shirt, free hand painted T-shirt, stenciled T-shirt, angel general handcrafts, decorated hats, placemats, wreath other

Gladys Jones – Christmas ornament, wood carving by hand

Diane Milner – Sewn short, sewn skirt

Joyce Payne – Christmas wreath

Patricia Pizzilola – Knitted baby item, knitted original pattern sweater, sewn English smock garment, French hand sewn garment, sewn infant cap, sewn children’s play outfit, handmade baskets

Earlyne Roberts – Framed crewel, Christmas needlework counted cross stitch, free hand painted sweatshirt, knitted afghan, knitted adult sweater, knitted other, plastic canvas items, weaving

Jamie Sipes – Decorated birdhouse, decorated clay pot

Mae Smith – Porcelain birds, porcelain Christmas ornaments

William Wyatt – Woodworking by machine


Louise Beasley – Decorated pepper baskets, Christmas wreath, decorated birdhouse, decorated clay pot, decorated mailbox, folk art other, senior adult basket, decorated sweat shirts other

Katie Brashier – Pillow, framed needlework sampler

Vanessa Brown – Unframed cross stitch stamped

Bertie Butler – Framed needlework collegiate, framed needlework religious

Edwina Chappell – Ladies’ wear costume

Joan Crawford – Framed crewel

Evelyn Davis – Doll general handcrafts

Betty Donahue – Senior adult angel, baby quilt, original design quilt

Theda Dykes – Crocheted baby items

Judy Goodwin – Angel general handcrafts, hand appliqu/d quilt, cathedral quilt, machine quilted quilt, quilted wall hanging

Bernice Crisp Griggith – Adult sweater

Marcy Gwin – Ceramic banks

Anita Nancy Haddad – Pieced quilt, quilt other

Melissa Holcombe – Framed needlepoint other, afghan

Jennifer Holmes – Christmas general handcrafts, handmade jewelry

Robin Hyatt – Hair accessories, children’s English smock garment

Barbara Hyde – Plastic canvas items, unframed needlework collegiate, senior adult handcrafts other

Sandy Johnson – Ceramic Christmas angels, Ceramic Christmas Mr./Mrs. Claus, air brushed T-shirt

Jane Jones – Door decoration

Diane Milner – Sewing other

Elizabeth Muelbauer – Framed needlework nature

Lyla Norris – Wreath other, senior adult Christmas handcrafts

Patricia Pizzilola – Children’s dress

Earlyne Roberts – Ceramic holiday – Easter, ceramic holiday – Halloween, Holiday general handcrafts, general handcrafts other, framed needlepoint – entire picture, unframed needlework nature, unframed needlepoint – background only, senior adult cross stitch, senior adult embroidery, sewn apron

Jamie Sipes – Decorated gourds

Lois Tingle – Senior adult crochet, senior adult quilt, quilt square, ladies’ blend dress

Tim Tingle – Hand and machine woodworking

Connie Wheeler – Crochet other, knitting other

Mary Williams – Ceramic old world Santa


Louise Beasley – Decorated basket other, decorated hat, wreath other, general handcrafts other, framed needlework other

Bunny Faye Benson – Senior adult Christmas, senior adult other, quilt square

Sharon Burns – Hooked rug

Bertie Butler – Framed needlework nature, framed needlework sampler

Betty Donahue – Senior adult crochet, senior adult doll, senior adult placemats, senior adult quilt, quilt made by a group, pieced quilt, quilted wall hanging, sewn table cloths

Judy Goodwin – Plastic canvas item

Bernice Crisp Griggith – Knitting other

Pamela Gunnarson – Crocheted baby items

Barbara Hyde – Handmade jewelry

Gina Hyde – Painted wood item

Gary Wayne Johnson – Christmas ornament

Sandy Johnson – Ceramic old world Santa, doll, door decorations, hair accessories, pillow

Gracie Elizabeth Martin – Afghan

Marsha Garrett McCaig – Framed needlework original design

Diane Milner – Sewn apron

Lyla Norris – General handcrafts Christmas

Deanna Pickett – Machine quilted quilt

Patricia Pizzilola – Children’s costume

Marline Pugh – Ceramic other, crochet edging

Earlyne Roberts – Ceramic Christmas other, unframed needlework other holiday, senior adult knitted, senior adult pillowcases, senior adult woodworking, children’s dress

Jamie Sipes – Folk art other

April Sims – Baby quilt

Lois Tingle – Senior adult cross stitch handcrafts

Mary Gail Thomas – Crocheted other



Kasey Alana Benson – Painted shirts, sewn items, handcrafts other

Morgan Holcombe – Cross stitch handcrafts

Clay Holland – Christmas handcrafts

Sarah Hyde – Woodworking

Donita Denise Lee – Paper handcrafts


Kasey Alana Benson – Jewelry

Jessie Kate Davis – Knitting

Clay Holland – Painted shirts, sewn items, woodworking

Kelyn Holmes – Paper handcrafts

Sarah Hyde – Cross stitch

Mitchell Watson – Handcrafts other


Jessie Kate Davis – Handcrafts other

Clay Holland – Jewelry, knitting, paper handcrafts



Sharon Averyt – Oatmeal cookies

Panzie Braun – Cake other

Jean Green – Peach pastry, cookies other

Jennifer Holmes – Chocolate/peanut butter fudge

Angela Horton – Peanut butter fudge, candy other

Barbara Hyde – Cornbread, banana bread, box cake, velvet cake, bar cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, peanut brittle, apple pastry, blueberry pastry, cherry pastry, cream pastry, fried pies, pecan pastry

Sandy Johnson – Chocolate chip cookie, divinity candy

Vicki Letlow – Pound cake (BOS)


Panzie Braun – Banana bread

Barbara Hyde – Muffins, pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, decorated cookies, oatmeal cookies, cookies other, peanut butter fudge, candy other, cheese straws

Sandy Johnson – Cake other, peanut butter cookies


Kasey Benson – Candy other

Panzie Braun – Cookies other

Jean Green – Cakes other

Barbara Hyde – Carrot cake, drop cookies

Sandy Johnson – Biscuits, decorated iced cakes



Kayla Horton – Cookies

Sarah Hyde – Breads, cakes

Genea Talmadge – Candy


Bradley Horton – Breads

Kayla Horton – Cookies

Sarah Hyde – Pastry

Hannah Talmadge – Candy

Emily Anne Wilson – Cakes


Sarah Hyde – Candy, cookies



Mildred Baldwin – Ornamental pepper, Non-flowering bedding plants other, hanging begonia, hanging shamrock, croton, schefflera

Louise Beasley – Lemon balm, kitchen herbs other

Katie Brashier – Artificial arrangement other

Vanessa Brown – Hanging mixed flowers, mixed bedding

Sharon Burns – Coleus

Deirdre Clark – Foliage plants other

Judy Goodwin – Cactus, philodendron, dieffenbachia

Jean Green – Cut flowers other, live arrangement flowers with greenery

Pamela Gunnarson – Rosemary

Jennifer Holmes – Potted African violet

Pat Hyatt – Cut zinnias, live arrangement mixed flowers, silk arrangement, Boston fern, hanging bougainville, hanging rabbits foot fern, begonia

Barbara Hyde – Cut wildflower bouquet (BOS), hanging potted plants other (BOS), cut mixed bouquet, cut yellow roses, potted flowering other, potted non-flowering other, hanging asparagus fern, hanging philodendron, geranium, salvia, hanging coleus, hanging lantana, non-flowering hanging other, dish gardens, airplane/spider, aloe, peace lily, rubber plant, wandering Jew, hanging wandering Jew, basil

Gary Wayne Johnson – Asparagus fern, corn (dracaena)

Sandy Johnson – Cut variegated roses, dried wildflowers

John Miller – Palm, hanging cactus, snake plant (sansevieria)

Cecil Moody – Hanging fern other

Marsha Parsons – Cut pink roses, cut red roses

Patricia Pizzilola – Miniature tree

Marline Pugh – Artificial fall door wreath, artificial plastic table arrangement, terrariums

Martha Shelton – Shamrock

Edna Stone – Christmas cactus, fern other, hanging Christmas cactus, hanging flowering other, hanging airplane/spider, hanging foliage plants other

Terry Stone – Hanging Boston fern

Lois Tingle – Specialty plants other


Patricia Arledge – Fern other

Mildred Baldwin – Hanging Christmas cactus, hanging philodendron, hanging flowering other, hanging non-flowering other, hanging begonia, foliage plants other, hanging foliage plants other

Vanessa Brown – Fall door wreath

Erin Cuellar – Zinnias, cut flowers other, mixed live arrangements

Judy Goodwin – Potted flowering other, hanging non-flowering other, dish gardens

Jean Green – Mixed bouquet, wildflower bouquet

Barbara Hyde – Red roses, variegated roses, cactus, Christmas cactus, philodendron, hangingBoston fern, coleus, bedding non-flowering plants other, croton, hanging airplane/spider

Sandy Johnson – Yellow roses

Jane Jones – Silk arrangement, African violet

Gracie Elizabeth Martin – Ornamental pepper plant

John Miller – Aloe, wandering Jew

Renee Miller – Hanging cactus

Cecil Moody – Specialty plants other

Marline Pugh – Artificial arrangement other

Martha Shelton – Non-flowering potted other

Edna Stone – Begonia, schefflera

Angelia Taylor – Boston fern


Sharon Averyt – Zinnias

Mildred Baldwin – Hanging Boston fern

Erin Cuellar – Wildflower bouquet

Judy Goodwin – Hanging potted flowering other, hanging foliage plants other

Barbara Hyde – Other cut flowers, African violet, fern other, specialty plants other, foliage plants other

Gina Hyde – Non-flowering potted other

John Miller – Christmas cactus

Renee Miller – Cactus

Marsha Parsons – Yellow roses



Clay Holland – Bedding plants



Shelby County Master Gardeners – Agricultural

Shelby Baptist Medical Center – Commercial

Columbiana Public Library – Adult community based

South Shelby Chamber of Commerce – Government agencies

Ladies Preservation Society – Homemakers Club

Experimental Aircraft Association, Chapter 825 – Military

Columbiana United Methodist Church – Religious


Shelby County Cattlewomen – Agricultural

Down South Realty – Commercial

Harrison Regional Library – Adult community based

Columbiana Merchants & Professionals Association – Government agencies

Pelham Homemakers – Homemakers club

Antioch Baptist Church – Religious groups


Shelby County Soil & Water – Agricultural

Columbiana Senior Center – Adult community based

Calera Chamber of Commerce – Government agencies

Chelsea Westover Homemakers – Homemakers club


Shelby County Young Farmers – Agricultural

Wilsonville Civitan Club – Adult community based


Dystonia Support Group – Adult community based



Shelby County 4-H Goat Club – 4-H clubs

Girl Scout Troop # 169 – Youth community based

Chelsea Park Elementary School Library – Elementary school

Montevallo FFA Chapter – Non-elementary school

School of Technology, Culinary Arts – Technology school


Shelby County 4-H – 4-H clubs

Boy Scout Troop #560 – Youth community based

Shelby Elementary School – Schools elementary

Calera Middle/High School – Schools non-elementary

School of Technology Agriscience – Technology school


Columbiana Girls Softball – Youth community based

Chelsea Park Elementary GRC – Schools elementary

Columbiana Middle School – Schools non-elementary

School of Technology Business and Finance – Technology school


Cub Scouts – Youth community based

Elvin Hill Elementary – Schools elementary

School of Technology Auto Tech – Technology school


School of Technology Carpentry – Technology school


School of Technology Cosmetology – Technology school


School of Technology Welding – Technology schoo