a day in Alabaster

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 19, 2007

Alabaster is not a bad town by any means still growing I guess but some lessons in sensitivity might be advisedbecause me andmy 73c year old mother Mary Whitburn were there during that awful two week period getting the brakes on our van fixedwe drove up to the bay doors there, gave the man the keys he positioned it in the correct bay to have brakes looked at we were told it wiould take a while a couple of hours the man said we went to the thrift store to look around the way back was not so un eventful I was succumbed to the heat it was 105 every day for nearly two and half weeks that month.&160; I stumbled being prone to have siezures makes it worse down I went on the pitifuil sidewalks there, Alabaster has people from all walks of life there were the workmen going to or comiong from a job in bright shiny truckslawyers, policemen women on break for lunch as well as men At least a hundred or two cars went by me close enought to touch my mom looking at me wondering if I was ok&160; I wasn’t I could not get up no one in their bright shiny cars offered to help or asked if I needed help.&160; Then came a national guardsman just back from Iraq his truck was nice but not new he asked are you ok My mom spoke up before I did&160; &uot;Can you help my son he’s fallen there pointing my way . That fellow picked me up like I was a sack of bread and then was nice a getleman to insist mom come too she hesitated I and insisted yes you need a ride too it was hot! and mom’s 73!&160; I just wondered how many cars would have eventually gone by before someone offered real help had this young man back from Iraq not come by?&160; Ipeople there in Alabaster to be a bit more friendly