friendly Alabaster?


folks in Alabaster allways in a rush? so much that they cannot see a man pleading for help near the curb? may more people in Alabaster need better glasses or a better heart some lessons in sensitivity might be usefulalso I laid there in a siezure after hooking my toe on the lousy sidewalks between the jiffy lube or whatever it’s called and the thrift store my mom who’s 73 could not pick me up i wouldn’t have let her try I way 250lb.after a hundrerd or so cars/trucks went by all ignoring me so ckose I could have looked each driver in the eye as they went by finnaly a young man just back from Iraqaw my plight good training paid off he’s a man of integrity and grit not afraid of a helless man on the side of the road.strong fellow picked me like I was a sack of bread. got me to me feet put me and mom in his truck and drove us back to our van whose bnreak job was ready by nowthis is the one across from the policestation in Alabaster