Poodle- Jumped Out of Car at Walmart in Calera

Elizabeth Biel

On October 26, 2007, our family had to make the unfortunate decision to have our dog, Tri,&160;put to sleep.&160; My grandmother, Aleta, offered to pick him up at the vet and bring him home so&160;we could bury him at our house.&160;Aleta wanted him to have a really soft blanket, so she ventured to Walmart in Calera at 2:00pm. After a few minutes of shopping, it was announced on the loud speaker that there was a grey poddle running around in the parking lot.&160; By the time&160;Aleta reached the front desk, no one could answer any of her questions.&160; She ran to the parking lot, only to find that her car door was open and no &uot;Abby&uot;.&160; We had Walmart Security&160;pull the tape on the surveillance cameras, but they did not&160;see anything. (God forbid anything ever happens to you in the parking lot of Walmart). Long of the short – we lost two precious dogs within 24 hours.&160;

&uot;Abby&uot; is a 7 year old, grey poodle, weighing 13 pounds. Last seen wearing a diamond collar.

If you have any information about the location of &uot;Abby&uot;, please call me at 205-668-0787.&160; We have contacted the Humane Society of Columbiana and are posting signs at Walmart,&160; local shops, vets, and pet grooming facilities. A reward will be given upon receipt of &uot;Abby&uot;.&160;